Five new cycle touring maps

Four Point Mapping have been busy over the winter months preparing the latest set of maps in our touring series. These maps are produced in collaboration with Sustrans and show the National Cycle Network at a handy scale of 1:110,000.

There are five new maps in the series covering the East of England. Essex and the Thames Estuary provides coverage from the outskirts of London to the port of Harwich. South Cambridgeshire, Beds & North Herts covers the area north of London as far as Ely. Suffolk covers the area from Harwich to Lowestoft. Norfolk covers from Thetford to the north Norfolk coast, and The Fens from Ely to Boston.

The East of England is a great destination for touring cyclists. It is predominately flat and there is a network of routes to discover. The British part of the North Sea Cycle Route starts in Harwich, and makes its way to Colchester before joining NCN1 for its trip north through Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. It eventually ends up in Orkney and Shetland before heading over to Norway.Image

These maps are also great for exploring the local area. So if you are either planning a grand tour, pootling about, or something in between then you should get one of these maps.

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3D cycle maps

Everyone knows that cycling uphill is hard work. It is therefore the job of a cycle map to inform the cyclist where these hills are, and consequently we encourage the use of contour information on our maps, especially in the more hilly areas of the country.

The most common use of contours on our maps are to use a colour gradient so that as you go higher, the colour of the background gets darker. This is a common technique on cycle maps and has been used extensively by us from Plymouth to Preston.

However wouldn’t it be great to visualise the hills in three dimensions so that the hills, valleys and mountain ranges come to life. This is now possible and we think it looks really good. Take a look at this and let us know what you think.

Click to here to download an example 3D PDF.


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Cornwall routes now live at

Routes in the Cornwall AONB are now live on the 1SW adventure map. Four Point Mapping did the surveying during the very wet Autumn months. However it was well worth it as we uncovered some real great routes if you know where to look

The 1SW adventure map is a great tool in planning a ride. All trails have been graded so you have an idea of the difficulty. There is information on the surface type and a gradient profile of each route. There are also photos and videos of all trails, so you have an idea of the terrain the route passes through. In Cornwall, an area not really known for it’s off-loading, there are some great trails through stunning scenery. Also those with an interest in industrial archaeology will literally be falling down old mine shafts on some of the trails.

Four Point Mapping have now added nearly 5000km of trails to the map, so take a look and start planning a ride.Image

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Suverying completed for the next five National Cycle Network maps

Surveying has been completed for five new maps in the CycleCity Guides/Sustrans series of National Cycle Network maps. Covering the Thames Estuary and Essex (sailing barges at Maldon pictured), Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and the Fens, the maps will be published this spring and follow the success of 10 existing titles from Cornwall to Kent. They will be available from our shop or from Sustrans.


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Cornwall survey complete

Survey work in Cornwall for the 1SW Adventure map has been completed. In total we surveyed just over 400km of bridleways, byways and permitted paths covering the whole county.

 In an area not really known for its off-road cycling, there are some gems hidden in the stunning scenery. If you get off the beaten track it is really possible to get away from the crowds and enjoy an off-road cycling experience. Also there is something for everyone, from rocky singletrack on the Land’s End peninsula to family friendly rides such as the Camel Trail.

 Watch out for the routes appearing on soon.



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Active Travel Conference in Leicester

Great to see two ministers sharing a platform at the Active Travel Conference in Leicester. 

Norman Baker, Minister for Transport, and Anna Soubry, Minister for Health, both emphasised the need to work together to promote cycling and walking. 

Active Travel has huge potential to deliver improvements in public health. 

Four Point Mapping has produced many maps aimed at promoting active travel, often in partnership with Sustrans

It has also pioneered site-specific maps for hospitals, schools and colleges to support the healthy transport agenda. 

The conference, organised by Leicester City Council, was attended by 150 delegates from health and local government. Four Point Mapping produces cycling maps for both Leicester and Leicestershire councils



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Read OpenStreetMap cycle data in your own system

Four Point Mapping are pleased to announce a new service. Aimed at GIS users we have sifted the OpenStreetMap data for all cycle related information and made it available as a download in user friendly GIS formats. The UK is broken down into local authority areas for ease of use. There are also the 50 most popular cycle friendly cities in the USA and nine European cities.

 OpenStreetMap, the crowd sourced mapping project, is becoming a very rich source of cycle information. As the amount of information in OSM has grown, the number of cycle paths, parking stands, crossings, barriers to cycling and other cycle features has increased. A number of great projects are using this information. OpenCycleMap, created by Andy Allan is an invaluable tool for visualising cycle routes, and Cyclestreets uses OSM data to power its online cycle journey planner and mobile apps.

Four Point Mapping did all the ground survey work for the Transport Direct cycle journey planner, and translated this information into an OSM compatible format. It is being incorporated into OSM by the England Cycling Data project, so the amount of cycle related data in OSM is set to grow substantially.

 These datasets make it very easy to interrogate the OSM data of your area in software packages such as MapInfo and ArcView. It gives an idea of the extent of coverage of cycle route information, whether routes have been incorrectly tagged and how much still needs to be included.

OSM is growing all the time. We update the information on our website on a weekly basis, so you will always get the most up to date data. Please see for downloads of your area.

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