Read OpenStreetMap cycle data in your own system

Four Point Mapping are pleased to announce a new service. Aimed at GIS users we have sifted the OpenStreetMap data for all cycle related information and made it available as a download in user friendly GIS formats. The UK is broken down into local authority areas for ease of use. There are also the 50 most popular cycle friendly cities in the USA and nine European cities.

 OpenStreetMap, the crowd sourced mapping project, is becoming a very rich source of cycle information. As the amount of information in OSM has grown, the number of cycle paths, parking stands, crossings, barriers to cycling and other cycle features has increased. A number of great projects are using this information. OpenCycleMap, created by Andy Allan is an invaluable tool for visualising cycle routes, and Cyclestreets uses OSM data to power its online cycle journey planner and mobile apps.

Four Point Mapping did all the ground survey work for the Transport Direct cycle journey planner, and translated this information into an OSM compatible format. It is being incorporated into OSM by the England Cycling Data project, so the amount of cycle related data in OSM is set to grow substantially.

 These datasets make it very easy to interrogate the OSM data of your area in software packages such as MapInfo and ArcView. It gives an idea of the extent of coverage of cycle route information, whether routes have been incorrectly tagged and how much still needs to be included.

OSM is growing all the time. We update the information on our website on a weekly basis, so you will always get the most up to date data. Please see for downloads of your area.

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